May 28, 2021, Lower South

The end of the school year is approaching rather quickly, but the students have not skipped a beat when it comes to working hard in the classroom. The children have been eager learners this whole school year and their excitement to learn new things still continues each and every day! With that being said, the teachers have been busy introducing lessons and getting together the last few things around for the final days of school. This week, children were introduced to two parts of speech for Grammar. These parts of speech were the conjunction and the interjection. The students learned about each one’s function in a sentence and different conjunctions as well as different interjections that can be used. Throughout the week children have had fun exploring the new Grammar work on the shelf in the classroom and enhancing their language development.

Aside from the Grammar lessons, the second year students have been diligently working on their State Research projects. They have been researching all about their specific state and finding all the interesting information needed to create their poster. As students complete their posters, they present them to the class to display their knowledge of the state they researched and the hard work they have poured into this end of the year project. Once all projects are presented, children will bring them home to share with their families.

Lastly, a letter was sent home this week explaining the theme days for the last days of school next week. Each day next week the teachers have fun plans in place for the children. Please refer to the letter sent home for further details. We look forward to seeing the students participate in this exciting last week of school!

Have a wonderful weekend!