May 28, 2020, EC East

Thank you for all your participation in our community week activities this week! We cannot believe the school year has come to a close and especially closing in distance learning. We enjoyed closing our classroom communities and school community with all of you. From our daily themed festivities, to our class videos, and seeing you in person at our parade, our hearts are full of gratitude, memories, and love. We enjoyed celebrating all of our Kindergartners one last time at our Kindergarten breakfast. We want to thank all of you for a wonderful school year as this unique school year will be one we remember forever! Your support, nurture, and flexibility in the face of diversity, has been felt and appreciated. We were all honored and blessed to be a part of your child’s educational journey together. We wish all of you a relaxing, enjoyable, and safe summer! We hope to see you all back again in the Fall!