May 27, 2022, Lower South

As the school year comes to a close the classroom begins to wind down. Children still are busy at work throughout the school day, but lessons are presented less and less. This week the students even started closing the classroom community down. Children worked hard scrubbing and cleaning the chairs along with the tables throughout the week. Then, next week children will have the opportunity to clean more items. For instance, their slipper box, hanger in the coatroom, etc.

Aside from classroom cleaning, one last lesson was presented to students. This lesson encompassed the letter writing unit. Within this unit children gain the necessary skills to write a friendly letter, address an envelope, create a postcard, and even make cards as well as invitations. This unit is part of our word study curriculum and tends to be a classic favorite amongst our students!

Finally, this week was the students’ final week of specials. As you may have noticed many final art projects and other materials coming home with your child(ren) throughout the week. Even Though the children will miss having specials next week, the teachers have a lot of fun activities planned for the last week of school. We are looking forward to sharing all the fun with them!