May 27, 2022, EC West

As the year comes to an end, we start to reflect back to the beginning of the year and how much our community has learned and grown. We made friendship pins to honor all the friendships we made this year. We also continued working together to close our classrooms and prepare the room for next year. A truly wonderful school year cycle to watch the children taking such responsibility and ownership of their room. They worked hard at chair scrubbing, cleaning out and scrubbing their cubbies, and dusting shelves. Many two-person works and favorite practical life works were brought back out from the school year to enjoy one more time! The West students had their turn to make the special Montessori Bread! We also enjoyed our last food preparation work for the year; making pizzas. It has been a very humbling week. Remember next week is our special End of Year Activities to have fun and do our closing ceremonies before Summer! Please reference our schedule for the daily events!