May 21, 2021, Lower North

The weather man has forecasted warm weather which has allowed us to get outdoors to plant in the newly installed beds.  We are very grateful to the donors of our new bed borders.  Each classroom will plant flowers and vegetables in a bed.  We prepared the beds by pulling weeds and raking the soil.  Then we planted our flower seeds and vegetable seeds.  This activity correlates with our Seed and Flowers Unit.
We continue our study of the Central/Midwest states and as mentioned last week, the third year students were introduced to the Montessori Pin Maps of these states.  The Pin Maps will help them learn cities, land and water forms and landmarks in each state.  They will also prepare them for the Continent Pin Maps in the Upper Elementary.  Second year students began their state research project this week also.  They will present their research when it is completed.

Enjoy the sunshine.  Have a great weekend.