May 20, 2022, EC West

What an exciting and special week in EC! We had our Festival of the Arts this week and our students were so proud to show their families all the wonderful things they do in Music, Art, and P.E! What a wonderful music informance! Our Kindergartners also went on a field trip to Wintergarden Park for hiking, tadpole catching, and the nature center!
EC classrooms also introduced the last science and geography unit about my universe and the solar system! We also explored shaving cream on a table! Children also started polishing our wooden materials as we prepare to close our classroom together.
West students also did a mirror image drawing activity where one friend gives directions while the other friend listens to see if their pictures match! The trampoline is our last movement work and the thin lined cards were added to the Geometric cabinet.
East students incorporated all their practical life skills into making our special Montessori cinnamon bread! Each student prepared their own loaf of bread and took it home to share with their families! Going on a picnic was another fun extension to the table setting practical life work.
We will need volunteers for our last day of school activities during Community day! Look for a sign-up sheet via email! Thank you!