May 19, 2023 EC West

The hallways were filled with the smell of cinnamon this week! It was our turn for the special annual bread-making process! Each child used all their practical life skills learned from the entire year! They were so proud of this culminating work, and we hope you got to enjoy their bread together at home! In movement, we introduced walking with stilts incorporating many muscles and coordination! Another fun food preparation work was making bean burritos! In art, we worked with a partner to listen and follow the directions of what a friend was drawing. This mirror imaging activity was done on our tabletop easel using primary colors. When finished, the two friends should have the same picture created! As the school year comes to an end, we reflect back to the beginning of the year. When school began, the classroom slowly opened one shelf at a time with one work added at a time, and now it will slowly close. The students take on the ownership and responsibility to help close our community. We continue doing this by chair scrubbing and polishing our wooden Montessori materials this week. Remembering all we have learned this year as we prepare them for next year. Our Kindergartners also enjoyed the author’s visit from Jerry Pallota about the “Who Would Win?” book they studied.