May 15, 2020, Upper West

In the upper elementary class the students spend recess time out in the woods on our property at The Montessori School of Bowling Green. Since the school closed this has not been possible. Miss Deb has tried to continue the “Woods Wednesday” experience by posting videos and pictures in the online classroom. Topics of this exploration have covered oil well artifacts and the history of oil wells in Wood County, and more recently the Super Moon that occurred on May 7 known as Flower Moon. She shared pictures of wild flowers blooming at this time in our region and included a short video of a walk on the trail.

Upper Elementary Events for May 26-29

Tuesday: Building Day 12:00 pm

Use any construction toys {Legos, K,nex, Zoob, etc.) to build and share a creation of your choice, No building toys? No problem. You can also create using paper mache, popsicle sticks or clay, Try a diorama or model, be ready to share your creation with our community gathering at noon.

Wednesday Game Day 12:00 pm

You will have a choice of 5 other games each hosted by one of your upper/middle teachers. We will play for an hour with a switch of games offered every 20 minutes. Links for games will be put on google classroom that day. 

Hangman -Miss Sam

Yahtzee- Miss Deb

Kahoot!- Miss Mackenzie

Mr. Dave- Bingo 


Thursday Talent Show and Community Lunch 12:00 pm

Record your talent on Flipgrid (ten minute time limit). You can sing, dance, play an instrument, show your artwork, read your poetry, do your magic show or choose from any number of talents that we know you all possess. We will release the recordings in the morning for you to watch on your own time and then meet with us at noon for a community lunch while we honor our 6th graders.

Friday All School Parade 3:00-3:30

Families can circle the parking lot while your teachers stand on the sidewalk and greet you. 

Closing our Community

We will have a material return and pick up station located in the lobby of our school. If you borrowed a computer it will need to be returned at this time.You will need to sign up for a time to do this so we can have minimal people gathered in the building. 


  • Returning Students 


You will need to return your vocabulary books and pick up any personal belongings you may have left at the school.


  • Students leaving our upper elementary program


You will need to pick up your geometry books, writing portfolios, and  any personal belongings you may still have at the school.

All students need to drop off their 2 novel books and chromebooks.