May 12, 2023 EC East

Our final Geography unit was introduced this week – My Universe. This is the capstone of our Montessori Geography curriculum and focuses primarily on the planets, solar system and offers a glimpse of our universe as a whole. The ten geography units we study aim to allow the child to formulate an understanding of “ME and My Place in This Universe” and to develop his sense of order as it relates to geography. We believe it is vital to teach not only the roots they come from, but also educate them and provide a snapshot of cultural differences, geographic variation, and an initial understanding of the role they play in this universe and the footprint they leave. We also introduced one of our final culmination practical life lessons, Making Cinnamon Bread! This work integrates many of the practical life skills we have worked on all year, including measuring, transferring solids and liquids, pouring, stirring, and scooping, in addition to concentration, coordination, confidence, independence, and order. In Science we began studying the unique differences of Insects. Finally, in practical life, we explored Washing a Baby Doll and Shaving Cream on a Table. What a busy, beautiful week!