May 1, 2020, Lower South

We were excited to be able to meet with everyone for a typical morning meeting this week.  Students who did not have a chance to share while we were in session, now have that opportunity.  Listening to the Happy Thoughts they sent out reminds us that it is important for them to share their feelings out loud.  Also, going over the responsibilities, helps them with ideas of what they can and should be doing academically.
We introduced our final Geography Unit on the Western/Mountain States.  Students should be able to access The World Book Kids website to read or listen to information about a particular state.  Doing research is a favorite thing to do in the Lower Elementary class.
We also encouraged students to do Practical Life at home.  Practical life, a daily living chore, serves many purposes.  One of the indirect benefits is the calming effect it can have on children who may be feeling anxieties for whatever reason.   They also help give the child a sense of being and belonging to a community that they care about.  A community that right now we are being forced to stay in until further notice.  
We wish you peace, 
Miss Liz, Miss Jennifer, Miss Kelsey, and Miss Megan