March 8, 2024 EC East

We began our noun study work – the Farm!  Students use this beautiful, engaging work to label different nouns as they set up their own farm. Sensorial brought us two new units!  We introduced bell matching, an excellent way for students to train the ear to recognize matching notes throughout the C scale. Students also had the opportunity to explore the new sensorial unit, Pressure, using the Montessori pressure cylinders.  These cylinders provide experiences in pairing and grading degrees of pressure and allowing the students to sense the difference in resistance pressure. In practical life, we explored Grooming, a wonderful work to refine hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Both the Snake Game and 1000 role were added to the Math shelves. The Snake game teaches linear counting, reinforces the exchanging procedure and prepares the child for addition. The 1000 role teaches place value while writing numbers and building concentration. Lastly, Yoga cards were added to our Movement curriculum – a wonderful activity to teach balance, coordination and inner peace.