March 6, 2020, Middle School

The BIG news in the middle school room this week is: OUR 3D PRINTER CAME IN!!! This item should be a huge asset to the classroom as we learn how to use CAD software and create designs based on our studies. Not to mention the fact that it’s super cool.

In our Seminar this week, we had a really interesting discussion on the importance of definitions with the help of an editorial written by Charles Osgood. What exactly is a “cookie”, or “dough”, or “terrorist”?

We have a full head of steam in our study of Medieval Africa, dispelling the misconceived notions of savagery placed on the continent by xenophobic “explorers”. We are now talking about the importance of the spread of religion, European imperialism, and geographic obstacles to those ideals.

We have one more week in this particular Cycle of Study on Power and Influence, and will then be moving into our 4th Cycle: Progress and Leadership.

It’s all exciting and we are ready to share all of our experiences!