March 6, 2020, EC West


Enticing water work and exploration was a focus in Early Childhood this week.  The East classroom demonstrated pouring water 1-1, while West explored sponge squeezing.  These practical life skills build upon our dry pouring and squeezing lessons and prepare the children for future skills.  Also in Practical Life, East students worked with nuts and bolts and screwdrivers.  The twisting action and fine motor work are all in preparation for writing, while creating opportunities for enhanced coordination, concentration, and confidence.  On the art shelf, the East classroom introduced beautiful watercolor painting onto specially designed paper.  Practical life work in the West classroom included adding the dressing frames to the shelves.  Examples include buttoning, zipping, snapping, and tying.  Also, West demonstrated swaddling and diapering a baby doll, and also added the singing bowl in the peace area.  This enchanting work develops the sense of hearing as well as providing a calming technique for the child.

In Sensorial, the classrooms worked with fabric matching and color box 3.  On the movement shelf, the sensory circles and the stretch bands were added.  Science created a lot of interest and excitement as we added dinosaurs and simple machines!  These units included work within the art, sensorial, and writing areas in addition to our science curriculum.