March 31, 2023 Lower North


Students continue to learn about presidents for History, contractions in Word Study, and measurement for our Math Unit. 

Our new unit this week was in Zoology.  We have concluded our study on fish and are now learning about mammals.  It is the last classification of vertebrates that we have in our course of study. We borrowed Bosco, Miss Kristine’s service dog, to introduce our unit.  Work on the shelf will allow the students to research many different mammals. This unit has always been a favorite of the students because of the many possibilities of exploration. 

Our second-year students were introduced to the State Research Project on Wednesday.  They each got to choose a state randomly.  They will first read a book about their state and then start finding out when their state was admitted into the union and when it became a state.  They will also research exciting attractions, famous people, and places they want to visit.  

We wish you a happy and healthy Spring Break. See you back at school on April 10th!