March 3, 2023 EC West


Happy Montessori Education Week! What a fun and memorable week we all enjoyed together! We are so grateful for our school, families, staff, and, most importantly, children, who all encompass the love of learning and support in a Montessori environment. In addition to our fun-themed days this week, we created peace people to reflect our classroom community. Children colored a personal craft stick to represent them and added it to a special place in the peace corner. Our new science unit was about food and nutrition! We discovered what foods are nutritious and non-nutritious and the variety of food groups. We added the thick-lined cards to our geometric cabinet for continued abstract matching. We also added the last of our Sensorial boxes; the rectangle box. We used river stones to create, build, and step across in movement. With the rainy weather among us, we added our rain stick to the peace corner to make the calming and peaceful sound of falling rain.