March 29, 2024 Lower North

With the teasing of spring weather, the lower teachers have made the transition from science work to implementing botany work into the classroom environment. In previous weeks the children have been exploring different works pertaining to the flowers unit on the botany shelf. To continue with the botany curriculum, children were introduced to a second botany unit this week. This unit revolves around learning about seeds and the parts of the seed. A few parts of the seed presented to children include the epicotyl, the seed coat, the radicle, and the cotyledon. Additionally, students are able to learn about different types of seeds on the shelf. The students have been very engaged in exploring and digging into learning new things about these aspects of nature!

To conclude, the lower teachers wanted to send out a friendly reminder for students to remember to bring their rain/mud boots to school. With the spring season bringing rainy weather it is best for the children to come prepared as we do still go outside for recess. As before, students are welcome to bring in their boots and leave them stored at school.


We hope all our families have a blessed Easter and a relaxing spring break! We look forward to seeing everyone back to school on Tuesday, April 9th!


-The Lower Team