March 29, 2019, Lower North

We have all returned from a long weekend ready to conquer the last months of the school year.  Upon our return, we were pleased to listen to the activities our students shared with their families.  Just like the teachers, some took a short trip out of Ohio.

Our trip to The Montessori Event in Washington, D.C. , was eventful, exciting, full of learning, and fun.  We were grateful we were able to attend this event to make connections and bring back information for our classrooms.

At this time of the year, most students have been introduced and have practiced all four math processes.  For this reason, the students will be reviewing the processes these last couple of months.  New materials will be introduced to some students to practice facts and work towards abstraction.  The Checkerboard is used for multiplication and helps the student solidify their multiplication facts while they practice the process.  The Bead Frame is used for all processes except division, and this too will allow for practice of facts and the passage to abstraction.