March 29, 2019, EC East

This week, Early Childhood explored Spring through Practical Life and Art activities! The East classroom cut mirror image spring flowers. This allowed the children to concentrate on holding scissors and cutting a fine line, while also igniting their ‘WOW’ moment when they discovered the image is a full flower once unfolded. They also explored painting with watercolors. Locks/Keys and Washing a Baby Doll were both introduced on the Practical Life shelf. These works integrate twisting, washing and drying and are a fun way for a child to explore these fundamental skills.
The West classroom also celebrated Spring through Art! Children practiced thier pre-writing skills to hold a fork, dip into colored paint and create spring flowers. They also used  pre-writing skills to color coffee filers with markers then spritz lightly with water. This beautiful technique allowed the color to mix and the children turned their beautiful filter into a butterfly – creating another ‘WOW’ moment! Screwdrivers and Swaddling a Baby Doll were introduced in Practical Life, focusing on exploration, hand-eye coordination and concentration.