March 26, 2021, Lower North

Spring is finally here and the lower elementary classroom is blooming with new work on the shelves for the students to explore! This week, two new units were introduced to students. On the Math Unit shelf we have transitioned from rounding and estimation to fractions. Though learning about fractions can be a challenging concept to grasp for some students, the Montessori materials for this unit allow children to be engaged while discovering whole fractions, equivalent fractions, learning how to add and subtract fractions, and so much more. The second new unit introduced this week was prefixes and suffixes with root words. For the following couple of weeks students will be identifying different prefixes and suffixes attached to different root words. This unit provides students with the opportunity to form new words with meanings and enrich their vocabulary.

In addition, students were introduced to their last topic in geometry for the school year. The topic covered the various parts of a circle. Some parts included, the circumference, the arc, the radius, the diameter, the chord, and the center. For the remainder of the year students will be reviewing over the geometric concepts previously introduced and learned.

 Lastly, the lower teachers wanted to send out a friendly reminder for students to remember to bring their rain/mud boots to school. With the spring season bringing rainy weather it is best for the children to come prepared as we do still go outside for recess. As before, students are welcome to bring in their boots and leave them stored at school.