March 25, 2022, Upper East

Today the students presented their science discoveries to the class. Each group made a slide presentation showing all processes of the scientific method. The experiments were on the properties of liquids. The titles included; A Slow Race (viscosity), Spreading Colors (Chromatography), Liquid Mixes (solution, emulsion, suspension, Miscible), Drops on a Penny (surface tension) and Graduated Cylinder Lava Lamp (viscosity).

Language lessons covered were Proper adjectives, verb conjugation of the continuous perfect tense and a study of the mood of the verb. The indicative mood states a fact or asks a question. The subjective mood expresses a wish, request, or doubt that is contrary to fact. An example of this is, I wish pencils would sharpen themselves. The imperative mood makes a demand or request. To help the students remember this Miss Deb wore an” imperial crown” while presenting this concept.