March 22, 2024 EC West

We introduced a new Sensorial unit on pressure. Students used pressure cylinders to press their thumbs on to match the amount of pressure used. Our new science unit was all about the amazing human body! Students learned about and labeled organs, studied the different layers and systems that make up our bodies, explored a stethoscope to find a friends heartbeat, made a self-portrait of themselves when their body was traced onto paper, and so much more! We observed the first day of Spring and celebrates by making “dirt” pudding! As we continue studying tools, the rachet and screwdriver works were added the the Practical Life shelf. In math, we introduced the estimation jar to “make our best guess” at how many objects were in the jar. The thin lined cards were added to the geometric cabinet and the rain stick was added to the peace corner. In movement, we explored the sensory circles with our hands and feet to match textures!