March 22, 2024 EC East


This week we introduced the new Sensorial Unit – Thermic. This work teaches children how to distinguish between different temperatures using the Montessori Thermic Bottles and takes tactile activities a step further to allow the children to not only feel different textures but also determine if they are hot or cold. We also explored a new Science Unit, Nutrition. Works include sorting nutrition and non-nutritious foods as well as food groups and insides/outsides of fruits and vegetables. We celebrated the first day of Spring by making dirt pudding!  The kindergarten students prepared pudding, and each child used a mortar and pestle to crush cookies to make “dirt”.  We used our practical life tonging skills to add gummy worms on top.  On the art shelf, we added spring cutting activities as well as tulip fork painting.  Children practiced the practical life self-care skill of fingernail scrubbing while Locks and Keys were introduced to practical life shelf, a fine-motor activity that requires a lot of concentration and hand-eye coordination.