March 22, 2019, Toddler

Busy, busy bees accurately describes our toddlers! Our toddler classroom is a “buzz” with art, practical life, sensorial and many other activities related to building independence! In the pictures you can see Jameson folding cloths and Alistair washing the windows! Kenley is using the straining work. Care of the environment is an important component to Montessori, helping to build community and cooperation within our classroom. Children clean up from activities and spills, help with our classroom laundry and gather needed supplies for the day.

We will enjoy more and more activities outside as the weather continues to warm up! In the coming weeks we will explore “spring” through activities using all our senses! Children will plant and grow seed starts to be used in the garden soon and some of our art will reflect a spring like feel too!

I continue to be amazed at what our toddlers CAN do!