March 19, 2021, Lower North

This week in the lower elementary classroom, we have been working on finishing our units of Estimation in Math  and Synonyms, Antonyms, and Homonyms, in Language. We also introduced a new part of speech, the adverb.  The lesson of the adverb describes it as being bossy and telling the verb what to do. Walk slowly.  Speak softly.  Work diligently.  Adding this part of speech will help our students add detail to their writing too.

At the beginning of the pandemic Bowling Green had rectangular robots travelling around the campus of BGSU.  These robots are a food delivery service on the campus launched by BGSU and Starship Technologies.  Our local university became the first to offer this service to residents near the university.  Our elementary students were fortunate this week to get a presentation about the robots.  Along with the information they received, they were able to ask questions about these robots that many of them have seen travelling around the campus.  We were informed that this is the only city in Ohio that has this type of food delivery service.  What a great experience for our students!