March 18, 2022, Upper East

This week the class began their Monday morning celebrating Pi Day. We had a “pie” themed riddle for our question of the day that challenged their geometrical thinking! Our 4th year students explored the Decanomial, while our older students studied Integers and Cubing. We ended the day with the Animal Kingdom and Music. On Tuesday, we had our Language lessons and a bit of Readers Theater in the afternoon. The students got into groups and acted out the books that they had been reading to encourage others in the room to read that book too! Wednesday meant back to math! The classroom dove into rounding decimals and solving tricky proportional questions. In the afternoon, we added to our Research Books in our Writer’s Workshop. Everyone was excited when Mr Tim told us that PE would finally be outside again! Thursday we will be returning to Ancient Egypt to continue constructing our maps, practicing our Spanish and putting on our art smocks! It’s also St Patrick’s Day, hope everyone wears green!