March 18, 2022, Lower South

It has been a great week, both outdoors and indoors.  We were excited to feel some warmer breezes as the week progressed.  Indoors, we were pleased with the work the children were doing and accomplishing.

This week we introduced a couple new units.  For Geography, the Lower North classroom has begun their study of North America.  In Lower South, we have begun the continent study of Africa.  Both groups will be able to work on the Montessori puzzle maps of the continents.  They also have the biome maps of the continents to choose from along with many other activities.  Geography has become a favorite for many of our students.  Another unit introduced to the students was the Prefix, Suffix, Root Unit for Word Study.  Every prefix and suffix changes the meaning of a word and students will discover the meaning of these phonemes through the work on the shelf.  This unit also helps with the spelling of many plural nouns.
We hope everyone enjoys their longer weekend.  Several teachers will be travelling to Nashville for the Annual Montessori Event.  Others will be busily doing professional development virtually.  We hope to be renewed with ideas that we can incorporate in the classroom.