March 17, 2023 Lower South

Only a couple of months of the school year are left, and still many units for the students to be presented with and explore! This week students were given new history lessons. Students were given a lesson on Famous Americans. As this history unit is out, students will have the opportunity to learn about different Americans who have changed the world throughout the years. Some of these Famous Americans include The Wright Brothers, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Helen Keller, and many more. Students will explore different works on the shelf, from making books to creating biographies. 

Aside from the new history units, students were introduced to a new geography unit. This unit allows students to explore the western states of the U.S.A. These states include Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Alaska, and Hawaii. As students explore these 13 states on the geography shelf, they will have the opportunity to learn interesting facts about each state and create their own map of the western states. In addition, this work will offer fundamental knowledge for the 2nd year students in order for them to complete their state research projects.