March 15, 2024 Lower South

This year in Geography, we have traveled around the globe stopping in Antarctica, the Arctic Circle and now South America.  We are learning about the countries, flags, animals, and biomes of the continent to our south.  South America not only houses some of the driest areas of the world, but some of the wettest, such as the Amazon rainforest.  Since a large percentage of South America is rainforest, we also put out work that explores this special biome.  The Amazon Rainforest houses a wide variety of animals and plants to study.

To go along with our South America unit, we have added a rainforest environment for the students to explore.  This material allows them to label animals and objects, construct sentences and apply their parts of speech knowledge.  This environment has been a popular work choice.
Students continue to work through their work cycle goals every week.  Even though the planners are not going home weekly, please continue to have discussions with your child about what works they completed and learned about.