March 15, 2019, Toddler

Welcome warmer weather! Our toddlers are anxious to get back outside and explore changes in our garden and nature trail. In the garden we noticed a few tufts of green peeking through the soil. We found green shoots coming up under the leaves and dirt! Lately we have been able to walk along the nature trail, listening to birds and watching for squirrels. Being outdoors children uses all their senses to learn and gain knowledge of their surroundings.

We continue practical life work. Recently children learned to “whisk” while making bubbles. Children practiced weaving using a smallĀ  ball with holes and pipe cleaners. Our little ones are becoming very independent and are successful getting on shoes, coats and unpacking their lunches!

Children are learning about famous artists and have created a few masterpieces of their own! We glue, paint, cut and tear to make one of a kind art! The benefits of art are many and include strengthening fine motor muscles, promoting creativity and encouraging problem solving abilities.