March 15, 2019, EC East


It has been a busy week after Spring Break! All of our Early Childhood students were so happy to be back working in the classroom and catching up with their friendships. Their social-emotional growth at this age is such an integral part of our curriculum! This week, both classrooms introduced new work in practical life, pouring water 1-1 and swaddling a baby. This work continues to develop the child’s hand-eye coordination and real-life skills. We also painted shamrocks using a bell pepper, cut shamrocks and sifted shamrock coins in a bowl. 
The Sensorial Unit – Thermic was introduced in the East Classroom. Work included the Thermic Tablets and Thermic Bottles; both are fascinating materials allowing the child to explore and distinguish the differences in temperature. The West Classroom introduced the Sensorial Unit – Baric. This work gives the child the experience of feeling heavy and light.
Our school community has enjoyed celebrating National Music in our Schools the month of March and we are so grateful for our dedicated, talented Music Teacher Miss Jenica!