March 12, 2021, Lower South

We are grateful that we were able to attend The Montessori Event.  This is an annual event where thousands of Montessori advocates from around the world gather virtually and attend live workshops and discussion groups, on-demand content, keynotes and more.  As teachers, we continue our education to improve our teaching skills.  This two-day event was very helpful to energize ourselves to make it through the busy end of the school year.  

 Our new continent study in Geography is South America.  We are learning about the countries, flags, animals, and biomes of the continent to our south. South America not only houses some of the driest areas of the world, but some of the wettest, such as the Amazon Rainforest.  Since a large percentage of South America is rainforest, we also put out work that explores this special biome. The Amazon rainforest houses a wide variety of animals and plants to study.

 Third year students continue the Imaginary Island lessons.  The past few weeks our focus has been on latitude and longitude.  The students placed their island on the planisphere.  This week they are learning how to use an encyclopedia.