March 11, 2022, Upper West

Greetings, readers! This is Matthew Bostic. I’m here to inform you about the top news about Upper West! We have gotten 2 pets over the last few weeks. Olivia H. brought in praying mantis eggs, and our teachers, Mr. Dave and Miss Natasha, got two hermit crabs from the middle schoolers! Those are some pretty sophisticated crabs! We named them Turbo and Claws. Next, we have lesson plans. We 4th graders got a lesson on protists, and we got to look at some protists like euglenophyta and paramecium. We also got to look at some water from “Lake Montessori” to see if it contained any protists. The sixth graders from upper East and West are having a lesson on the digestive system. We are studying ancient Egypt and we are making a 3-D map! 3-D! Stay tuned for more!

Reporter Matthew Bostic, signing off.