March 11, 2022, EC East

Early Childhood introduced new math units this week. West is now learning about money and identifying the names and values of coins while East is learning about time and telling time on the hour and half-hour.

East students also added swaddling and diapering a baby doll to Practical Life; a wonderful care for other work! In Sensorial, the hexagon box and rectangle box were introduced to further identify shapes. In movement, students enjoyed using their body on the sit and spin! Sponge painting a shamrock was also a fun art work. Kindergartners continued their grammar lessons by labeling nouns in the classroom environment.
The West classroom continued exploring tools by using the ratchet and screwdriver to twist screws and bolts. The rectangle box was added to the Sensorial shelf along with our beautiful white bells to match the bells on the bell table. Solid cards were added to our Geometric cabinet to match shapes. In our peace corner, we added our listening center where children have the opportunity to use headphones and explore different book readings or types of music.