March 10, 2023 EC West


This week brought many new units! The concept of graphing was our new math unit this week. We introduced graphs through bar graph work to collect and gather data in order to learn about topics like colors, shapes, farm animals, and race cars. Students also created their own bar graphs. As we continue our cosmic education approach to Geography, we learned about our continent; North America, exploring the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Students had the opportunity to color the flags of the countries and learn about animals found in North America and their places and habitats. The “Quiet Rug” was added in our peace corner, a rug to take anywhere in the classroom, remove your slippers, and sit quietly for reflection, deep breathing, observational skills, or just to be. In Practical Life, we added our geo-boards, using rubber bands on pegboards to create two-dimensional shapes and patterns. We also added our braid board to learn the skill of braiding three strands together. Finally, our kindergarteners continued their grammar study of nouns through what we call “The Farm.” The child sets up this small environment works. They label all the nouns on the farm as they learn a noun is a person, place, or thing. We also had a special presentation from Wood County Hospital this week about fruit and veggie basics. The students were able to make and taste a nutritious smoothie made from spinach and strawberries!