March 1, 2024 EC West

Happy Montessori Education Week! Our class enjoyed all the daily festivities as we celebrated our school and everyone who helpsĀ to make it what it is! This week we created peace people that represent each one of us in our class community. These are displayed in our peace corner around the globe as we celebrate with Montessori schools all over the world! Our new science unit was all about transportation which extended into art as the children used truck tires in paint to makeĀ track prints on paper. The rectangle box was added to our sensorial shelf emphasizing the vocabulary for parallelogram, square, and rectangle. The thick lined cards were also added to our geometric cabinet as we move more abstractly with our shapes. In Practical Life we demonstrated swaddling a baby doll and changing a baby doll diaper. We also had a special visitor, Miss Sam and Baby Hayden, for a live demonstration on baby swaddling and how to take care of a baby. In movement we added our river rocks to step stone to stone and in peace we added our “quiet rug.” This rug allows the child to sit silent and still and practice deep breathing and reflection. We also introduced our listening center where children can enjoy books on CD while using headphones.