June 4, 2021, Lower North

Hard to believe that this school year has come to an end. With all the restrictions and uncertainties, we all felt a little unsure at times. We are proud of our students and families for the amazing cooperation and understanding that was consistent throughout it all. We were successful with a healthy and productive community here at MSBG.  Thank you!

We closed out the last few days with some fun and relaxing end of the year activities. The students have worked hard all year and we were able to close out our individual classrooms as close to typical as possible. It is always bitter sweet for a year to come to an end. Luckily, many are returning to these hallways and we will start a new community next fall.
Thank you for participating in the home science experiments, the preparation for talent and sharing day, and lego day. We were also able to have a presentation on Rocks and Minerals by the Wood County Parks to help introduce our Rocks and Minerals culture unit.
We wish you a happy, relaxing and healthy summer!!