January 6, 2023, Lower South

Happy New Year!  We can’t believe it’s January, 2023!  The students returned from Winter Break remembering the routines and working diligently.  They have become very normalized and we are happy to see them working and learning.  Each day they make a plan for the day and get straight to work.  Most will choose a work from each subject of our curriculum daily.

Our new Science unit for the month is on the Skeletal System.  Every person has a skeleton made up of many bones.  Did you know the adult human body has 206 bones?

Students are learning that our bones have three main jobs: to move, to protect delicate vital organs and to produce blood cells in bone marrow.  Other activities on the shelf include learning the common and scientific names of bones, where they are located and what their function is in the body.  Students can also label bones on a skeleton.