January 26, 2024 Middle

It’s been a busy and productive January, as we settle into the last week of the month. The Middle School students are heavy involved in planning the grand re-opening of the Mustang Cafe, creating graphics and working with budgets and projections. Look forward to a bustling microeconomics in the coming weeks!
In our Science unit, we are working with electromagnets, building circuits, and learning how to measure what’s going through them.
In History, we are learning about the Jacksonian Era, Manifest Destiny, and the 2nd Great Awakening (all taking place in 1820s America). We are studying the “Burned Over District” and the wildfire of new religions born in Western New York, as well as the social and political reforms that brought about a new American culture.
In addition to our burgeoning microeconomy, we are also planning our Spring Excursion. Ask your student what is being planned!