January 25, 2019, Lower North

Winter has finally arrived!!  This is a gentle reminder to check your child on the way out the door and make sure they have the proper attire for outdoor recess.  If temperatures are below 15 degrees we will stay indoors.  We are lucky to have the wooded area that provides some shelter, so teachers will use their discretion when the wind chill is below 15 degrees.

Last week, the students completed the first unit of our new writing program, Writing, Improving, and Crafting Non-fiction Small Moment Stories.  Each student went through the writing process and published a final story.  On Thursday, after listening to David FitzSimmons talk about being an author, we read our small moment stories to each other.  It was a huge accomplishment so we celebrated with a “toast”.  It was neat to see how proud each child was to share their small moment.