January 25, 2019, EC East

Early Childhood started out the week learning about the famous peacemaker, Martin Luther King Jr. and the dream he had for all people to be treated equal. We read stories, had coloring pages out, and did some activities to honor him. The kindergartners had a special writer’s workshop to write about what their dreams are one day. Both classrooms introduced new math units this week. The East classroom is learning about time on the hour and half hour and the West classroom is exploring money by its name and worth.

The East classroom continued to explore water through practical life work and transferred water using a sponge. In Practical Life, they also transferred pennies into a bank. In art, painting a snowflake at the easel was shown and making an African necklace to extend their geography unit was also a fun project! The concept of odd and even numbers and the memory game to reinforce number retention was introduced in math. In sensorial, the beautiful bell table now has all the bells to play the scale.

The West classroom added the trinomial cube and large hexagon box to the Sensorial shelf and yoga cards to the movement shelf for some peaceful meditation and stretching. In Practical Life, the students had the opportunity to practice hair care by brushing and combing, a wonderful self-care work to extend at home!

On Friday, we had a special presentation about Africa from the Skinner family. Thank you for this unique experience as we learn about our geography unit of Africa!