January 20, 2023 Lower South

After coming off a nice three-day weekend, the students were introduced to many new lessons within this short week of school. These new lessons covered units in Grammar, History, and Zoology. In Grammar, students were introduced to a lesson on sentence analysis. Within the Montessori curriculum, sentence analysis allows children to extend their knowledge on the nine parts of speech and begin to learn about sentence diagramming. When partaking in sentence analysis work, students still use specific symbols in order to symbolize their grammar follow-up. For example, in the first lesson, they learn about the subject (the whom or what in the sentence) and the predicate (the action being performed in the sentence). They learn the symbol for the subject is a large black circle and the symbol for the predicate is a red circle. The sentence analysis lesson was introduced to all of the students. However, the follow-up work will be for second year students and a review for third year students. 

For History, students in Lower North were given a lesson on the months of the year. They have the opportunity to explore works to learn about the order of the twelve months in a year, the history behind each month along with holidays that are celebrated, and older students will be able to partake in researching different months. In Lower South, students were introduced to the days of the week. On the History shelf, they will have the opportunity to learn about the order of the days, the history behind each day of the week, and much more. 

Lastly, the students were given a new Zoology lesson. This lesson pertained to our reptile unit. Exploration of the Zoology shelf will allow for students to discover interesting information regarding these scaly vertebrates. There are works on the shelf that include nomenclature covering the external parts of the reptile, nomenclature covering the internal parts of the reptile along with their functions, and works that encompass information on a multitude of reptiles from around the world. In addition, students will be able to participate in reptile reports for knowledge enrichment