January 20, 2023 EC West

We discussed Martin Luther King Jr this week and how he was a peacemaker. We read stories, talked about his vision he had for the world and how it reflects and affects us today. Kindergartners wrote their own writing pieces on what dreams they have. We introduced new geography and math units this week. Math was all about measurement and learning to measure in inches and feet with various objects. Students enjoyed using a tape measure to measure items around the classroom and record the information! We are now exploring “my city” in geography. We talked about what makes up a city, what city we live in and what city our school is in. We have also begun a special art project in preparation for the Chinese New Year! Students had the opportunity to paint a snowflake at the easel for an art choice as well. We added two more bells to the bell table and the large hexagon box in Sensorial to further study geometric shapes. In math, we presented the dynamic layout, a large work that goes through the exchange process of how everything changes after 9 when working with numbers.