January 28, 2022, Lower North

This week students had the opportunity to learn about a new word study unit covering synonyms. Through this unit students learn that synonyms are words that have a similar meaning. On the word study shelf, students have the opportunity to explore activities and learn about many words that are synonyms. Prior to learning about synonyms, children were introduced to antonyms on the word study shelf. Both of these units not only encompass children learning all about antonyms and synonyms, but also allow for vocabulary enrichment to ensue.

Additionally, in geometry this week students were introduced to regular polygons. Within the lesson they were able to learn a variety of regular polygons such as, equilateral triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon, nonagon, and decagon. Students also learned about the characteristics of each regular polygon. Prior to this lesson, students have already studied lines, the parts of an angle and the principle angles, plane figures and much more.

Lastly, a friendly reminder pertaining to the distance learning protocols for lower elementary:

Due to the spike and increasing numbers of positive confirmed cases, as a team, we are sending out this letter to inform you of the plan if your child has to quarantine. As outlined in our COVID Handbook: If an individual student is quarantined due to confirmed, suspected, or exposure to COVID, after three missed school days, an option of distance education will be provided by teachers. The following academic plan is specifically for students in lower elementary. If you have children in different classrooms, the process may be slightly different.


The distance education options will be:

  • Activities posted on SeesSaw

  • Typing.com

  • A daily invite sent to your child’s email to join our morning meeting around 11:00 a.m.

  • An invite to view lessons live as they are scheduled

In addition to this we encourage your child to practice math facts, read daily and practice practical life skills, etc.

Please know that these options are not required or mandatory; we offer them to help keep our students engaged with the classroom and their learning.

Kind Regards,

Lower Elementary Team