January 18, 2019, Lower South

This week in the classroom we are studying the first 19 presidents of the United States. We are learning about the White House and some of the monuments that can be seen in Washington D.C. We have also added a new unit on our science shelf. We are focusing on the weather, wind and air.

On our word study shelf, we are working with ABC order and learning how to navigate the dictionary. For writer’s workshop we have moved on from writing small moments stories to writing informative stories. This is a unit that has your children thinking about all the things they know and can teach their friends. You can help them think of ideas such as sports, activities or any other interests they have they feel they know really well. We also introduced a new part of speech in grammar. We are finding the adverb in our sentences.

We are continuing to work with money. This can be a challenging unit. If you have a penny bank at home or a place where you collect coins, practicing naming coins, determining their individual amounts, building quantities and making change would be a helpful way to master this life skill.

Our third year students had their Imaginary Island lesson on latitude and longitude lines. They are practicing locating countries and continents on a map according to the coordinates given. They are getting closer to placing their island on the map.

Enjoy your three day weekend.  See you on Tuesday;)