January 18, 2019, Lower North

The culture area is full of new and exciting work.  In Geography, we started the North America Unit.  This continent study will focus on the three main countries of this continent; Canada, Mexico and the USA.  This continent lies mostly in the Northern Hemisphere and is surrounded by three major oceans.  It stretches from the polar, frigid cold climate zone to the torrid climate zone.  This allows for much diversity in the continent’s culture, vegetation, animals, and industries.

With the temperature changing outside, we are studying weather inside.  Miss Liz introduced the unit by doing a science experiment on the water cycle.  Students will be learning weather vocabulary using a manipulative puzzle.  They will also learn about clouds, precipitation, and the water cycle.

This week we started a new activity in our Lower Elementary classrooms with “Star of the Week”.  This activity allows students to share information about themselves and help build self-esteem.  Noah Gross got the ball rolling with making his personal timeline and presented it on Monday morning. Students will be chosen randomly each week to do the same.  When it is your child’s turn we will ask that you and your child make a personal timeline at home that includes photos of the child from birth to present age.

Once they have had a chance to present their personal timeline, it will then be displayed just outside the classroom for everyone to enjoy. We hope that you are as excited for this project as we are!