January 18, 2019, EC East

Exploring new geography work, art work, and food preparation were all focused on this week in early childhood. Pulling string cheese was a choice in practical life. This work allows children to prepare food as well as practice grace and courtesy. Also in practical life, students explored using a baster with water and learned the skill of dry pouring into a funnel.

Both classes began work with continents on the geography shelf. Africa will be studied in the East class as students explore animals, cultures, maps, and artifacts. In West, Antarctica was introduced. Works include books, animals, maps, and building sets exploring the scientists in Antarctica. These units will be explored by both classrooms as we collaborate on these exciting new continents and lay the foundation for future learning.

In the East class, using fluffy “snow” paint was a choice on the art shelf. Students added buttons, beads, and pieces of pipe cleaner for a fun snowman on top of this 3-D paint. Also on the art shelf, making an African necklace with embossed paper was available for exploration. The kindergarten students learned more about nouns in language as we prepare to introduce The Farm in the coming weeks. West students began working with The Farm and labeling the nouns within the work. Also in West, the memory game was demonstrated. This work involves movement and memory while preparing the mathematical mind.

Our school was very grateful to have the opportunity to hear from author David FitzSimmons! His dynamic and real-life photographic books are captivating and beautiful. Thank you to those of you who were able to come to hear this exceptional author.