January 17, 2020, Upper West

Hello adults of Montessori, and welcome to today’s blog! This week has been very exciting for so many reasons. Monday was pretty chill, with only lessons and specials. Not really any big lessons. But on Tuesday, we had a history lesson where everyone got to be a person involved in the triangle trade. The people were King George, rum buyers, rum makers, plantation owners, ship captain, tax collector, factory workers, and slaves. We also had our EasyCBM math test, which is standardized testing. We do it three times a year, and this was our second. Wednesday we had our language and vocab EasyCBM tests. And, on that same day, we had our second science lesson. We got to play the parts of atoms. Thursday was also chill, but Friday, we get to go to the Library! We are walking, as you probably know. We get to get books for our focus groups, and we get to watch a celebration for Martin Luther King Jr.!

Well, that’s all the time I have folks. I’ll see ya later!

~Raylee Olivia Brott

The algebraic decanomial
Atoms tightly bonded in a solid state
King George collects taxes during a triangle trade activity