January 17, 2020, Toddler

I get so excited to show everyone what our toddlers CAN do! The new year has been packed with practical life work such as care of the environment and straining work. Pictured, a child is stringing cheerios to make a bird feeder. Aeris uses a slotted spoon to strain small ducks in water. Children also keep the outdoor bird feeder filled and preform other real duties within the classroom.

Math lessons continue to include one on one correspondence, developing the concept of more or less by sorting objects and introduction to geometry using shape puzzles and Montessori materials. Children start with 1 to 5 work and progress at their own pace working on 1-10.

During our interactive line time children learn rhymes and sing songs, dance with different tempo music with scarves and enjoy playing bells and rhythm sticks! Line time is our time for coming together as a classroom community; learning to take turns talking and sitting quietly for a story. All great practice for eventually being successful in the Early Childhood classroom!