January 17, 2020, Lower South

The students continue to work on the many new units that we presented last week upon our return.  We have added Dictionary Work to the language shelf which is a good followup to the Alphabetizing Unit.  Younger students are introduced to this resource book, while older students begin to look for words on their spelling lists or other work.  Throughout the year we will continue using dictionaries and other resource books.

We have come to an end with our Reptile Unit.  Students often enjoy reading and learning about the different animals of the world.  The reptiles they learned about were given as reports to their peers.  When the students were done reading the report, they questioned their friends about the information they heard.  Listening to peers read their reports encourages the students to do a report of their own.

We are following the Reptile Unit with the Bird Unit.  This is a great time of year to observe birds that have not migrated.  With this unit, students will learn about the different bird beaks and claws and how this impacts what a bird eats and where it may live.  We hope to hear some interesting reports about birds too.

We have started sharing with the introduction of the Sharing Bag.  Every week, a child is chosen to take home the Sharing Bag.  We ask them to bring in one item to share and tell about during line time on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  We believe this is a good way to get to know one another’s likes and interests.  We hope to see some fun and creative items coming in our sharing bag.