January 17, 2020, EC West


We began our week studying new science units. The East classroom explored and identified animals and their tracks. The West classroom discovered the difference between magnetic and non-magnetic while learning what a magnet is.

In Practical Life, the students enjoyed pulling string cheese for a new food preparation work and then having the opportunity to taste it! We also introduced using a baster with water.
The East classroom also continued their gross motor skills by stepping on the orange aerobic step. The rectangle box was added to Sensorial shelf and in art, the children cut snowflakes. Make sure you look in the windows! Listening to a book on CD was also a work introduced. The children have really enjoyed the stories!
The West classroom added creative writing booklets, the name basket, and the insets to their writing shelf. In Math, the mystery number was introduced. A mystery is a problem that needs to be solved. Every week there will be a new number to solve. In art, the students cut out a snowman to show the positive and negative space and pressure cylinders were added to the Sensorial shelf.